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Manitoba Forward is a public discussion group seeking to expand the dialogue about smarter public policy solutions that will maximize Manitoba’s economic and social outcomes.

Our Board of Directors:


Markus Buchart is a lawyer. He has been Manitoba Forward’s legal counsel since our inception in 2013. He was leader of the Green Party of Manitoba from 1999 – 2005.

Philip Blain is the co author of the investigative report Manitoba Hydro: The Elephant in the Room. The Winnipeg native, now retired, has over 40 years commercial experience, mainly in international telecommunications, electronics services and power distribution in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Philip progressed his career in the UK and New Zealand working for a number of telecommunications companies; most notably for British Telecom, Telecom New Zealand and NZ Telecom Mobile. He held integral senior management and adviser roles that helped lay the foundation for exponential growth within each company.

Graham Lane is a retired Chartered Accountant. He served for eight years as the Chair of Manitoba’s Public Utilities Board; prior to PUB, he served in a senior executive capacity in both the public and private sectors. He has been the Chair of Manitoba Forward for the past two years.

Doug Petrick is Senior Vice-President and Managing Partner of the FWS Group of Companies He has a BSc in Engineering and an MSc in Structural Engineering with a minor in Business. Doug has been involved with Manitoba Forward from its inception.

Moe Salaam is a Professional Accountant with over 40 years of senior executive experience. He is Founder of Buy Rite Office Furniture and Restaurant Equipment, C.F.L. Custom Financing and Leasing Corporation, AMS Aviation Maintenance and Support Corporation, Winnipeg Blueprinting Company, Homes & Land Realty Corporation and Realty Zone of America Corporation. He is a Director on the Board of Directors for several corporations including Canadian Cooperative Implements Ltd., Superior Bus Manufacturing Ltd., Mediation Services and Manitoba Forward.



Privatize Canada Post

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