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Graham Lane: NDP-Lite Pallister government wants to impose a new health tax

Manitoba Forward released a video this morning, Sept. 20th, in which Graham Lane expresses the...


By: Graham Lane Winnipeg Sun, May 19, 2017 A big scrap is coming between public service labour unions and...

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By: Graham Lane Published: Winnipeg Sun, March 17, 2017 Not too long from now, Manitoba’s PC government will table...

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By: Graham Lane Published: Winnipeg Sun, February 10, 2017 Premier Pallister should make up his mind on Hydro and...

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By: Graham Lane Published: Winnipeg Sun, December 16, 2016 In an op-ed in the Winnipeg Free Press (September 26th),...

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By: Graham Lane Published: Winnipeg Sun, November 25, 2016 Let’s hope Manitoba’s maxi-weight public sector is on its way...

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By: Graham Lane Published: October 28th, 2016 – Winnipeg Sun It is unfortunate when ivory-tower bureaucrats force our children...

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By: Graham Lane Posted 02/25/2016 When it comes to our public education, taxpayers and parents should ask: “Will more...

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In everything from economic growth to energy generation, Manitoba’s excessive bureaucracy and partisan, over-centralized government has choked off our...

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