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Manitoba Hydro

Graham Lane: NDP-Lite Pallister government wants to impose a new health tax

Manitoba Forward released a video this morning, Sept. 20th, in which Graham Lane expresses the...


By: Graham Lane Published by the Winnipeg Sun on September 14, 2017 Investment in public assets requires billions from...

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By: Dorothy Dobbie Originally published by Lifestyles55 on September 7, 2017, here. Over the past decade and a half, Manitobans...

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By: Graham Lane Published by the Winnipeg Sun, August 31, 2017 Manitoba Hydro has asked the federal government to...

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By Graham Lane and Ian Madsen Published in the Winnipeg Sun on August 24, 2017 Successful private companies benefit from...

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By Graham Lane Winnipeg Sun, August 17, 2017 Blaine Pedersen, still a PC cabinet member after Pallister’s shuffle, recently...

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Note from Graham Lane: Muskrat Falls is yet another example of government missing the market and wasting billions, to the...

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By Graham Lane Winnipeg Sun, July 28, 2017 This past week saw Manitoba’s debt downgraded for the second time...

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A note from Manitoba Forward’s Graham Lane on the recent exchange between Garland Laliberte and Andrea McLandress: Garland Laliberte, Vice-President...

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By: Graham Lane Published by the Winnipeg Sun, July 6, 2017 Brian Pallister has often talked about the importance...

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By: Graham Lane Published by: The Winnipeg Sun, June 22, 2017 Upon the election that put Brian Pallister’s PC...

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