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Graham Lane: NDP-Lite Pallister government wants to impose a new health tax

Manitoba Forward released a video this morning, Sept. 20th, in which Graham Lane expresses the...


By: Graham Lane Published: February 6, 2017, Winnipeg Sun Sanford Riley, Chair of Manitoba Hydro’s board of directors, recently...

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By: Graham Lane Published: Winnipeg Sun, November 18, 2016 Despite a valiant effort by the Consumers Association, a mandate-challenged...

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Ahead of the election, Brian Pallister promised that on taking government he would halt Bipole III and call a...

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By: Graham Lane Published: October 14, 2016, Winnipeg Sun Manitoba Hydro spreads ratepayer money across the north building unneeded...

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Manitoba Hydro: The Elephant in the Room MF01_MBHydroEleph_D4.pdf

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