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Climate change madness

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by Graham Lane
Published by the Winnipeg Sun on October 12, 2017

It has been a bad week for the climate change lobby.

After spending a billion on regulatory ballet, Trans Canada gave up on trying to build the Energy East pipeline.

It would have created thousands of construction jobs while substituting Alberta oil for foreign tanker-conveyed imported oil.

The decision caused shock waves across western Canada. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall blamed the federal liberals for “moving the goal posts” — more climate change related overkill.

They added a requirement to include the pipeline’s downstream carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in Trans Canada’s impact calculations. This nonsense would be similar to adding in Ontario’s auto industry CO2 emissions from cars sold.

It’s just more climate change madness — trying to regulate a harmless trace gas (carbon dioxide) erroneously tied to “dangerous” global warming in flawed computer models.

The higher temperatures predicted for years coincide with no actual warming for almost two decades. Which is why “global warming” was changed to climate change, allowing every major weather event to be part of the ‘climate crisis’.

Flawed alarmist models underpin policies causing real economic harm to folks without any discernible impacts, as our politicians claim, on our weather.

In particular, the demonizing of comparatively cheap and reliable hydro-carbon energy sources has opened the door for new and higher taxes and policy mischief for green subsidy seekers, central planners, and revenue-hungry politicians.

Anti-carbon dioxide orthodoxy and overreach works best when all governments are simultaneously knee capping their economies with CO2 taxes, bans on coal, gas fracking and new pipelines. All while providing renewable energy subsidies.

That was the world of the U.N.’s Paris Climate agreement until Trump.

The mercurial Donald Trump was elected, at the margin, by displaced populations in mid-western coal mining states voting against the Democrats’ anti-coal climate change policies. Out the door went the climate change orthodoxy of surreptitiously strangling hydrocarbons while boosting less reliable and more expensive renewables with false talk of fighting ‘carbon pollution’.

The U.S. is exiting the Paris Climate Agreement and their pipelines are now swiftly approved. Most conspicuously, Canada’s Keystone Pipeline will bring Alberta oils sands production to American refineries.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a haven for green activists masquerading as neutral civil servants while spearheading the anti-hydrocarbon campaign, is being defanged.

This week’s “Trumpquake” had new EPA boss Scott Pruitt confirming the end of the Obama Clean Power Plan. It had the EPA taking over state level power industries, mandating expensive renewables while abolishing coal.

Next on the list, recognizing that CO2 is not a pollutant, is the reversal of the so-called endangerment finding which empowers the EPA to regulate C02.

All this means cheaper energy to the south of us. Watch investment and jobs gradually flood south!

Clueless to competitive realities, our federal Liberal government is stuck in the Obama era “La La land” of carbon taxes and green religion.

Western Canada separation chatter begins again. The Pallister Carbon tax is about to rip Manitoba’s political fabric, while the Alberta NDP and its carbon tax will be on death row come 2019, both to be expunged by a newly-merged Unified Conservative Party, promising a referendum on federal equalization grants — which now aids Quebec’s green political aristocracy.

All this for what?

Graham Lane leads Manitoba Forward (

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