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Hydro’s the elephant in the room

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By: Graham Lane
Posted 02/19/2016


Neither the Liberals nor the Progressive Conservatives have seriously addressed the elephant in the room as we approach the provincial election.

That “elephant” is the actions and plans of Manitoba Hydro, now engaged in implementing a mammoth expansion and refurbishment plan that will cost households and businesses big time, while risking the future stability of Manitoba’s economy.

Under the NDP government’s direction, Hydro has already spent about $7 billion towards a plan that could end up costing $40 billion, all guaranteed by Manitoba taxpayers.

It includes the construction of three northern generating stations, the wrong-routed Bipole III transmission line, a new Manitoba-Minnesota transmission line and the refurbishment of existing assets. The plan is based on shaky forecasts of construction costs, market demand and pricing.

Graham Lane chairs Manitoba Forward (, focused on sound public policy. 
Republished from the Winnipeg Sun online edition February 19, 2016.

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