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How Much Do You Need to Work to Earn This NDP Staffer’s Salary?

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After only being employed for two and a half years as Greg Selinger’s chief of staff, it was reported that Liam Martin made approximately $284,000 for 11 months of work in 2014. 100% of this money came from your tax-dollars. To find out how much you’d need to work to make Liam Martin’s salary – paid by you – we took a look at the earnings of regular Manitobans.

How much do you need to work to earn Liam Martin’s salary?

1. Tim Horton’s Employee


Earning minimum wage, pouring coffee for 60 hours a week it would take a Tim Hortons employee 8 years to earn what Greg Selinger’s former chief of staff Liam Martin did in 11 months.

2. Winnipeg Transit Driver


Based on the median earnings for Winnipeg Transit operators, it would take most bus drivers 6 years to earn what Liam Martin earned for 11 months of work.

3. Manitoba Nurse

Working 40 hours and saving lives every day, it would take a nurse just over 3 years to earn what Liam Martin earned for 11 months of work.

4. Winnipeg Police Service Detective

Putting him or herself in danger every day solving gritty crimes on the streets of Winnipeg, Manitobans will be comforted in knowing that including overtime, it would take a homicide detective two and a half years to earn what Liam Martin earned for 11 months work in 2014.

So now we know about how much regular Manitobans would have had to work to keep up with the Martins, but what about other public figures?

1. Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman


Bowman is expected to earn approximately $110,000 less in 2015 than Greg Selinger’s former chief of staff did for only 11 months of work in 2014.

2. Manitoba Minister of Finance Greg Dewar

If his calculations are right, (and they’re probably not), Minister Dewar will earn $170,000 less in 2015 than the former NDP staffer did for 11 months work in 2014

3. Dave Gaudreau


If there’s a silver lining to all this, its that after the next election, Liam Martin would have earned marginally less for 11 months of work than our favorite male friend  in his only term in office.
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