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Educating McKenna – Carbon Dioxide is Not Pollution

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by Graham Lane

Published in the Winnipeg Sun, February 9, 2018

Federal Climate Change minister Catherine McKenna, a lawyer, repeatedly uses the term “fighting carbon pollution” to rationalize the Trudeau Government’s obsession with taxing energy consumption. Tragically, her policy pronouncements reveal enormous ignorance of basic science and economics. Their policy will deliberately raise energy costs in a vast often-cold country competing with an burgeoning American economy where its political leadership is going the opposite way – pushing “energy dominance” policies that maximize oil, coal and natural gas production.

No surprise, cheaper American energy policies are creating jobs, manufacturing investment, and raising living standards.  McKenna’s energy policies will do the opposite for the Canadian economy, as Ontario and other provinces that have implemented the green agenda know. It will enrich her government and fill the pockets of subsidy-seeking groups and corporate cronies who benefit from damaging Canada’s conventional energy sector.

A few facts underscore the false basis for the carbon tax scam starting with the misnomer, “Carbon pollution.” While carbon is a solid, they mean Carbon Dioxide (CO2), a gas. The word “carbon” is used because most people connect it to soot, as it becomes an Orwellian-named new revenue tool – the carbon tax.

According to Dr. Tim Ball, a retired University of Winnipeg climatologist, CO2 is not a pollutant but a harmless natural trace gas vital to plant existence. Plants take in CO2 and give off oxygen; without photosynthesis both plants and animals die. CO2 is a trace gas, representing but a fraction of the atmosphere. Ball notes that present CO2 levels are 400 parts per million, just 0.04 percent of the atmosphere (equivalent of 40 pennies in a jar of 100,000). Most CO2, 99% of it, comes from natural sources – plant and animal respiration, soil decomposition, volcanoes, ocean evaporation. Man-made sources are minuscule – equivalent of 1.2 of the 40 pennies in a jar of 100,000 pennies.

Higher CO2 levels pose no direct hazard to human health. CO2 in submarines can reach levels well above 10,000 ppm without harming the crew. The average atmospheric level for the last 270 million years is, at 1200 ppm, interestingly, the optimum level for plant growth. Professor Ball observes correlation with temperature is equally dispelled in the geologic record. What is known as the Ordovician Ice Age, 495 million years ago, had CO2 levels of 4500 ppm. Ball observes that Antarctic ice core data shows temperature increases long before CO2 increases, not as assumed in the human-caused warming theories used in climate models.

With these facts, it should be impossible to claim, as McKenna does, that human production of CO2 is tipping our climate towards disaster. Bjorn Lomborg, a statistics professor and author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist”, estimates that implementing the Paris Climate Agreement by 2030 would reduce temperatures only 0.048°C by 2100.  Politicians use the false CO2 story because it enables massive new taxation and further government control under the guise of saving the planet.

Finally, Professor Ball confirms that this dishonest story misuses computer models, claiming human carbon dioxide will cause a global climate crisis, that have been consistently wrong.

The carbon tax party is gearing up, politicians selecting and using false facts  And it is about to rip the political landscape.  In Ontario and Manitoba.

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