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Liberal Thought Police Playing with the Canada Summer Jobs Program

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by Graham Lane

Published in the Winnipeg Sun, April 6, 2018

For decades, governments have been giving out grants to help service organizations and religious charities provide summer jobs for students. Worthy organizations, not only ones sharing the Liberals’ politically-correct ideological bent, should receive funding to hire students to help keep Canada a kind and caring country. These service organizations and churches feed the poor, look after the sick, take care of children, operate summer camps, plant community gardens, distribute clothing to the homeless, and operate soup-kitchens.

But, the latest federal Liberal government, in yet another example of its continuing obsession with gender and feminist dogma, has changed the application rules. Now, to receive grants, charitable organizations must sign a declaration that they respect “Charter Values”. As interpreted by the Liberals, “Charter Values” include support for both abortion on demand and medical-assisted dying.

Of course, some religious bodies and other charitable organizations do not support these so-called ‘liberal’ policies. Where the game has changed is that the Trudeau Government is now injecting stark penalties on organizations who choose to not align their thinking with the Liberal’s thought police.

Now, not signing on to these ‘Charter’ policies means that many worthy organizations will not get grants to hire summer students.  Accordingly, many proposed and long planned projects will not be carried out this summer.  And, many of our youths, some looking forward to what would be their first paid job, will lose experience, knowledge, money, and an appreciation of fulfilling some worthy goals – all important in democratic politics.

Some organizations have told the government that because they refuse to lie about their beliefs, they will not even apply for the Summer Student Grants, as they regularly have done in past years.  Because of the way the Liberals have changed the application form, a number of good and beneficial services will not be done. And, so far, and on top of many agencies refusing to even apply for the grants this year, over 1,500 applications that were submitted have been rejected (twelve times the situation of last year at this point in this year’s program).


The Liberal’s policy of requiring applicants to sign off on their politically correct creeds in order to receive traditional grant funding represents the suppression of free speech, conscience, religious rights, and the right to associate with like-minded people. All of these abiding rights were specifically written into the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to, specifically, protect minority beliefs.  And, until recently, federal Liberal governments believed that minorities have a right to participate in all social institutions.

Only nasty children work this hard to keep those who do not share their beliefs out of their play pen. Adults, and I am talking now about Liberal MPs, should realize that their values, while they may be theirs, are not universally shared by Canadians.

The government should immediately change the requirements  and realize that minorities holding values other than their’s should still have access to Summer Jobs Grants. We are now into April, it is still early enough for Justin Trudeau’s federal government to ‘liberalize’ its new requirements and, at least, revisit the refused applications and contact agencies that applied in past years but haven’t, yet, this year.

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