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Manitoba Forward report on published articles (2013-2015)

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Beginning in late 2013, MF’s President Graham Lane began submitting articles to Winnipeg’s two major daily newspapers. From late 2013 through to mid- 2014, his articles were published in the Winnipeg Free Press. Beginning in mid-2014, his articles has been published by the Winnipeg Sun on a weekly basis. For all of the Sun published articles, Lane’s standard byline references Manitoba Forward and provides MF’s website address

To- date, Lane has had 105 articles published, all of which can be found on the internet (Graham Lane and Winnipeg Free Press, Graham Lane and Winnipeg Sun). Some of Manitoba’s community newspapers, including the Brandon Sun has carried some of the articles.

The articles can be placed in the following broad categories:

  • General political issues and commentary related to the NDP
  • Manitoba Hydro and its subsidiary Centra Gas
  • Regulatory and accounting issues
  • Elections Manitoba
  • Child and Family Services
  • Immigration
  • MPI
  • WCB
  • Housing issues
  • City of Winnipeg
  • Supplicant society
  • Climate change and oil industry
  • Supply Management
  • Health
  • Universities
  • Osborne House
  • Collective Agreements
  • Taxis
  • Legal
  • Lotteries, gambling

While the articles have been assigned to specific categories, most articles relate to at least one or two other issues.
In process
Approximately ten other articles are in process, covering a range of topical issues.

Manitoba Forward’s Principles
The principles of Manitoba Forward, to be found on MF’s website, are imbued directly or inferred in Lane’s articles.

 Going forward from January through April 2016, the weekly articles are to me more directly linked to Manitoba Forward’s principles and general philosophy – fiscally conservative, socially progressive.

Concluding comments
The purpose that drives the article writing initiative is to bring to the public’s attention the current dire state of the provincial government’s approach to borrowing, spending and committing. This, to contrast with the principled approach Manitoba Forward’s seeks and expects of government. The aspiration is that the articles will assist Manitoba’s electorate to vote wisely in April 2016, and that Manitoba’s new government adopts Manitoba Forward’s principles approach to governing.

In developing his weekly articles Lane draws on his knowledge of the economy, Manitoba’s society in general, government and the Crown corporations that he comments on. He researches his topics to ensure correctness as to facts and reasonableness as to views. From time to time, Lane is assisted in his column preparations by relevant information provided by others.

 Lane received no compensation for his weekly articles for the Winnipeg Sun, he received a modest stipend for his Winnipeg Free Press articles. With an average column requiring 7 hours to develop and complete, he has devoted approximately 800 hours to the columns to- date. (At a standard consulting rate of $200 an hour, the input value of the current body of work is $160,000.)

 In addition to the columns, Lane has spoken to numerous groups and chaired Bipole Coalition’s inquiry into Hydro’s Preferred Development Plan.

Graham Lane

December 19, 2015

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